Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do your fixtures require assembly?

A: No, all fixtures on our Factory Direct web site are fully assembled and ready to load your product.


Q: What is the difference between the premium and value merchandisers?

A: All of our shelves and components are interchangeable for Value or Premium. The major difference is in the frame structure.  The premium is made of strong tubular steel and the value is constructed of a wood cabinet.


Q: Are both fixtures Altria approved?

A: The Premium fixture is the unit that is eligible for the Fixture Reimbursement Program.


Q: If I purchase your fixture can this unit be changed in the future?

A: Our unit has a shelf locking system that allows easy adjustability.  This will allow you, as the retailer, to easily make changes to your units to stay current to the changing tobacco market.


Q: I purchased your unit without lights.  What is required to add lights to the fixture?

A: We have a LED panel kit that slides into our standard flip sign.  This can be purchased when you need to add lights and can be installed in just minutes.


Q: Are there special sizes to header signs or price tags?

A: All header signs and price tags are sized to fit industry standard sizes provided by the tobacco companies.


Q: What is required to change from a flat shelf to a pack pusher shelf?

A: Our molding is interchangeable for flat shelf to pack self.  All that’s required is to pull off the shelf molding, flip it 180°, then just add pack pushers that are available under Accessories  on our web site.


Q: How are fixtures delivered to my store?

A: All of our items are shipped by UPS or LTL freight carriers. All Freight includes inside delivery.


Q: What is the difference between High Profile and Low Profile?

A: Our high profile fixtures are free standing floor fixtures.  Our low Profile fixtures will fit on existing counters behind the register.


Q: What does Factory Direct mean?

A: The Miller Group is the company that has the Factory Direct line of tobacco fixtures. Because we are the manufacturer and not just a reseller, you are able to benefit from the cost savings of a US-made product.


Q: Do you make custom tobacco fixtures?

A: We have produced tobacco fixtures for the tobacco market for over 65 years.  We are able to customize your fixture needs to fit your retail location.


Q: What color are your fixtures?

A: Our Factory Direct program fixtures are black, but we do have the ability to change the color for large orders.